Howdy folks. As you can tell, this is NOT a normal page of UTMNT… it is the basic inks to the second printing of UTMNT ISsue # 1 by Eryck! So yeah. No new normal page. I asked Eryck focus on the cover this week instead since we need to get our rewards out to our supporters on IndieGoGo. 🙂 You know, the primary one being of course, yeah, the printed book. 🙂

Also look out for an announcement soon regarding the holiday update schedule. Due to the holidays, we may be taking a break, but just need to work the deets out first with Eryck and Courtland. I won’t lie, part of this is a financial situation as well, as you know, i’d like to get people Christmas presents. Then again, I want to do UTMNT too. So it’s a bit of a bother to me, but we can’t do both at the moment. Or maybe we’ll lessen it down to a few more updates. Either way… look to our facebook fan page for more information or our next page update here next week!

Okay. With that said, let’s get to our-

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