Raph continues to be the grumpy gus as he is, but we also get some vague discussion and hints that these aren’t the TMNT we may be used to. Again, in Ultimate TMNT, things may be not exactly how you thought they were. Notice how they have no idea what human begins are except fairy tales? Hrm.


I’ll give you a second.

Okay? Okay. Trippy, right? Well perhaps you need to re-check the vibe from the past few comic pages and see that those hints have been chugging along the ENTIRE time. And maybe… just maybe… dare I say it, that someone knows humans exist and changed the map to prove it. Or I am putting out red herrings because… well, those are fun. Unlike actual herrings, which can be pickled and not tasty. (at least for me.) But if you dig this page or what we have cooking, support us on Patreon!

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