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Started originally in 2012 as a fan-made “Tales of the TMNT” Project, the more and more it was worked on by Nick Arganbright, the more he realized that he has his own unique twist on the classic TMNT. His goal would be to fund the comic via Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, and so 3 full pages of Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were commissioned from artist Eryck Webb.

But the passage of time and other life events stepped in the way and so UTMNT sat, until Nick had decided by hell or high water that UTMNT was going to happen, at least, on the first issue. And with the help of Patreon as a great starting point, we then also have a wonderful benefactor… he also helps with coloring (and has done the IDW 30th Anniversary TMNT Book: The Image Comics Section) and now helps fund the book month to month named Courtland Brugger.

If you would like to help Courtland and Nick fund the comic, please visit our Patreon here:

Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or UTMNT for short is a webcomic based on the Eastman and Laird 1984 creations with the Marvel Comics’ Ultimate” comic book line’s pacing. Marvel’s “Ultimate Comics” line takes the classic stories and spins them in new and exciting ways. With UTMNT, we are using Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s 1984 book as a rough skeleton and cherry-picking the best bits from 30 years of TMNT history.

About Artist Eryck Webb

UTMNT Artist Eryck Webb - Bio Pic

UTMNT Artist Eryck Webb – Bio Pic

Eryck Webb owns and operates Eryck Webb Graphics (EWG) out of Midland, Pennsylvania. EWG is a commission-based, illustration and design business. Eryck is assisted by his financially savvy wife and authoritarian supervisor dog in this home based enterprise. Together they are EWG, a well oiled graphic art machine. Besides his work on “UTMNT” fan comic, Eryck has enjoyed working on a wide range of comic projects over the years. Some examples are “Troubleshooters” with September 17th Productions, the 2015 story arc of “Transformers Collectors Club Magazine” with Hasbro/Fun Publications, “TnC” webcomic with Cory Matthews, and “Ungrounded” with Patrick Gerard. When not slaving away in the mill, Eryck enjoys spending time with his family, creating his own works (such as the web comic “Jumping Boy” and the web comic strip “Run of the Mill”), hiking, video games, and movies. Learn more about Eryck Webb and follow his work at


About Co-Executive Producer/Colorist Courtland Brugger
Courtland is a varied artist which specializes in the strange and bizarre from putting out books such as “Gronk”, “Wicked Slug Warriors” and “Krol”, to drawing , writing, animating and sculpting strange creatures and concepts. He has also colored some pages in the IDW TMNT 30th anniversary book as well as colored 3 “Vanguard” stories in the back of “Savage Dragon” and a back cover to issue 199. His work also extends to the two issue fan project of the Image comics conclusion put out by Andrew Modeen as well as his TMNT Odyssey book.

His passion for TMNT started when the Fred Wolf series aired and progressed even further when the Mirage material was discovered. Since then his work reflects that of a dark and gritty style, reminiscent of the Mirage era with a few other influences thrown in. Fandoms have come and gone but TMNT has remained a personal and consistent favorite of Courtland’s and will continue to inspire and drive his passion for the property.



About Executive Producer/Head Writer Nick ‘Nitro’ Arganbright
The head of the D4K Studios, Nick ‘Nitro’ Arganbright has been a huge geek all his life, but the one fandom that has been consistent with this love has been about those four ninja terrapin, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Under the D4K Studios banner, Nick produces the “The Good, The Bad, & The Geeky” podcast. He has also done other webcomics, such as his first one Dribble for Kids and under a pseudonym of Jason Dobbins, Tales of the 8th Grade Nothing.



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