So can proudly say that UTMNT will live on for another day.

Someone has graciously stepped up and is going to help me pay half for continuing the book. Courtland Brugger is amazing not only as a fan of the TMNT, but also the UTMNT and is also a pretty sweet dude. We don’t know how long for sure we can keep this puppy going, but for sure the goal is to do the Raphael Micro-Series and UTMNT # 3. And that in itself is pretty darn cool.

I just wanted to announce it as Courtland deserves a bunch of credit at being friggin’ awesome to us. And now, to you, as he is keeping this comic afloat! 😀

If you want to help us though, please don’t let this stop you. 🙂 Visit us on Patreon via and throw a few bucks to the cause!