Hey gang.

I’ve been promoting this heavily everywhere I can (mostly on facebook, my private page, our UTMNT fan page, etc) but we are somehow still coming up a bit short.

So this is a final plea for anyone who has Facebook but doesn’t check this stuff out perhaps? Either way… Please help us win for the Free Comic Book Day Shirt Contest At Packrat Comics.  Eryck’s work of the UTMNT will be printed on T-Shirts for everyone who comes out to Packrat Comics on Free Comic Book Day. And Packrat does FCBD right; they have a massive mini-convention and more. If you follow us on our fan-page, you know that we have talked about Jeremy Howard (Donatello from the live-action 2014 film) will be present and accounted for! And much more. Prizes, games, food, fun and COMIC BOOKS! And, with your help, our UTMNT Shirt.


Unless we pull it out.  Because as of right now, we’re getting crushed. So here it is. We need your help. Let’s clinch this thing. We came back from 50 or so before, and we can do it again! So here’s what we do.

Make sure you sign into Facebook already in one tab and then go here (or the full URL: http://d4k.us/1ObRMjQ) and please, please just go ahead and like the image when it comes up. Can’t tell which image it is? It is the one that looks like this:



If you’re not sure which image it is, it is the one with the green background. Drawn by the amazing talented Eryck Webb. Voting ends tomorrow 4/22.